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Get more sales with digital ads

Getting poor results managing ads yourself? Or unhappy with your agency? Get more sales & profitably grow your business with digital advertising that actually works.

Meet Max

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I'm Max Hains, digital advertising expert and Founder of Hains World, and I'm here to help you reach your sales goals with digital advertising.


Read on to find out how or get in touch below.



Any of these sound familiar?

  • You've run ads yourself and it hasn't worked

  • Your agency is not getting the results you want

  • Your agency is not putting effort into your account

  • Or you're considering ads for the first time

We change that and provide you with

  • ​A profitable acquisition machine

  • Valuable, high LTV customers

  • Superior performance to your competitors

  • Complete transparency and excellent communication




Google Ads

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Meta (Facebook) Ads




We'll take care of everything

  • Account management 

  • Account audits

  • Account restructuring

  • Data analysis & tracking setup
  • Keyword research

  • Budgeting & forecasting

  • Writing ad copy & creating ads

  • Weekly reporting

  • Weekly calls or as preferred

Are digital ads right for my business?

Digital advertising is incredibly powerful. If you offer strong website and products or services that your customers love, online ads can turbo-charge your sales. Here are the key benefits:

  1. You can get fast results. Unlike other online marketing strategies such as SEO and social media, which can take many months or even years to start yielding results, digital advertising can deliver revenue in days or weeks.

  2. You can find customers searching for exactly what you sell. This applies mostly to paid search, such as Google Ads search campaigns. With paid search, campaigns are based around keywords which reveal the intent of your target customers. That means adverts show at the exact moment that your customer is looking to buy.

  3. You get a high level of control. Ad platforms are very sophisticated and give you a lot of control over how you spend you money. This is ideal for brands who need to be agile and adapt according to their audiences, seasonal trends, and product promotions.

  4. It can help you collect business-critical data. Digital ads are data-driven. With it, you can collect data faster than through other channels. This data can be useful for understanding your audience and product performance.

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